Does the Pinhole Surgical Technique® have any advantages over traditional gum grafting? If you want to treat gum recession, it certainly does. See the benefits for yourself:

1. Minimally Invasive

In a traditional graft, a portion of healthy gum is cut from the roof of your mouth to be sewn into the appropriate place. The PST® procedure uses a small needle to loosen the gum tissue gently. Your dental practitioner used other tools to pull the gum line into place and that’s the procedure.

2. Significantly Reduced Recovery Time

After PST®, you can return to work and your normal schedule within 24 hours. Your gum tissue may need time to heal, but that won’t interfere with your ability to complete your daily regimen. Conversely, traditional grafts will take 4-8 weeks of recovery time.

3. High Success Rate

PST® has a stunning 90 percent success rate, which is the highest among traditional gum recession treatment methods. This means that after your treatment, you don’t have to worry about graft rejection or the possibility of another surgery. Comparatively, grafts have a success rate of 85 percent when good home treatment combines with professional treatment.

4. Few Risks or Complications

PST® risks are minimal as the lack of sutures and cuts minimize the opportunity for infection and swelling. Additionally, no stitches are needed for the procedure. However, gum grafting comes with a few notable risks including:

·         Severe swelling (some swelling is normal)

·         Loose sutures

·         Infection

·         Uneven healing

5. Immediate Results

As soon as you walk out of the office, you’ll notice the positive effects of PST®. With no swelling and minimal recovery, it doesn’t take any time at all to see results.

If you are dealing with gum recession in Sugar Land, TX, consider PST® as a beneficial alternative to gum grafting. Contact us at 281.201.2065 to set up your appointment with Dr. Siny Thomas and learn waht's best for you.